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Medical Tourism

When a person visits a country other than his home country for the treatment related to dental, hair and skin problems at Rejové Clinique, it is referred as medical tourism. The main purpose of medical tourism is to get superior treatment or at least equal treatment what he/ she will get in his/her own country. Another motive of medical tourism in India is that people tend to save 40-60%. In India, medical tourism is expected to grow by 2020 and touch 9 billion $. Although the numbers of medical tourists visiting Rejové Clinique are still not revealed but the fact that can’t be denied is that the number of foreign patients increase annually over the years especially for Rejové Clinique. Of late, Domestic Medical Tourism also emerged where people travel from one city to other to get a better treatment at an affordable rate.

Health care tourism in India particularly enjoys tremendous growth not only regarding employment but also revenue. The health tourism in India is gaining momentum and particularly at Rejové Clinique is mainly due to the infrastructure that we provide. The aim of providing medical tourism at Rejové Clinique is to provide integrated solutions under single roof viz-a-viz it includes not only surgical procedures but non-surgical procedures as well. Rejové Clinique is the most trusted companion when it comes to providing dental, skin or hair treatment for the medical tour in India and otherwise. As already mentioned, it gained phenomenally in recent times as it makes sure a patient gets access to the best medical services. It not only takes care of surgical and non surgical procedures but also goes extra mile in providing comfort to a patient owing to which it facilitates many associated benefits beyond treatment to make the treatment pocket friendly. A medical tourism is suited best to those people who are on a constant look

Salient features of Medical Tourism

Cost Affordability

The cost of treatment is high in western countries compared to the cost of treatment in India viz-a-viz many patients visit Rejové Clinique from various countries for medical treatment related to get the treatment of hair, skin and dental problems at affordable rates.

Quality of treatment

Rejové Clinique treats its patients with great care and deploys latest technology, equipment which not only results in providing efficient treatment but also the treatment which is at par with international level.

Facility of Medical Visa

The facility of e-Medical Visa as well as e-Medical Attendant Visa not only enables the patient but also two attendants to visit Rejové Clinique in India easily and reap the benefits of medical tourism by coming from the specified list of airports/ seaports.

Role of Medical Tourism Facilitator

Medical Tourism Facilitator is a firm which engages itself in coordination of patient’s
visit from one country to another for medical treatment.

Rejové Clinique is emerging as an international centre because it helps in

  • +Facilitation in currency exchange
  • +Arrangement for pick/drop facility from airport/seaport
  • +Facilitation in currency exchange
  • + Treatment by the best doctors for skin, hair and dental problems
  • +Cost efficiency
  • + Availability of guest house accommodation at affordable rates
  • + Facility of medical assistance
  • +Availability of language interpreters

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